One of the most popular questions we get asked is when should my rigging be changed? There is no hard and fast answer to this as many factors come in to play but an easy way to give yourself (and your insurance company) an accurate impression of the condition of the mast and rigging is a rig check.

If your rigging is 2 or more years old then as part of your routine annual maintenance a rig check is always advisable. For as little as £50 + VAT our experienced riggers will carry out a full rig check to include the mast, boom, spi pole, standing and running rigging, guard wires, stanchions and deck gear. You will then receive your insurance approved  70 point rig check form along with a no obligation quotation to fix any problems we may have found.


Our 2018 rig check tariff, excluding VAT:

Yachts up to 25ft      £50.00

Yachts up to 35ft      £65.00

Yachts up to 45ft      £80.00

Yachts up to 55ft      £100.00

Yachts over 55ft       £POA

  • * for ketch rigged yachts this will increase by 50%