boat-1Our products have evolved from more than 35 years of experience obtained th- rough research and development, as well as strong partnerships with the world leading manufacturers and designers within the marine industry.

    The company is located in Marstrand, the heart of the Swedish west coast, and one of Europe’s leading sailing centres. Sailing conditions around Marstrand are tough, and the personnel have first-hand experience of what our products must withstand in terms of safety and durability. With production, sales and administra- tion in the same building we are very flexible and we have fast, reliable deliveries.

    Our wide assortment of products is designed for various needs and demands. Our three main product areas are sail hardware, deck hardware as well as portlights and hatches. Rutgerson Marin AB is represented in all parts of the world through our global distribution network. We have around forty local distributors and we are also in some cases in direct contact with sail makers, boat builders and boatyards.