Rutgerson Marine products have evolved from more than 35 years of experience obtained through research and development, as well as strong partnerships with the world leading yacht manufacturers and designers.

The truly distinguishing features of Rutgerson products are reliability and trust.

Manufacturing is carried out on the island of Marstrand, the heart of the Swedish west coast, and one of Europe’s leading sailing centres. Sailing conditions around Marstrand are tough, and the Rutgerson team have first-hand experience of what their products must withstand in terms of safety and durability.

Rutgerson Marin’s core values of reliability, innovation, performance and experience mean they constantly design new innovative products that you can always rely on even in extremely rough conditions.

If you cannot find the Rutgerson product you require then please contact us.

Rutgerson Low Friction Rings New for 2018!! 

A complete assortment of low friction rings has been added to the Rutgerson product
range. Low friction rings provide a good alternative to blocks in most applications
where the line movements are minimal and the loads are high. For example
back-stays, reefing points, jibs’ sheet leads and lazy jacks. Their versatility seems to
have no limits on the boat. They are extremely resistant and strong. Both cost and
weight is low compared to blocks. Plus, with no moving parts maintenance is zero.

Like all other products from Rutgerson the low friction rings are designed and
produced in Marstrand, Sweden. The assortment consists of four sizes, all made
of high strength aluminum with a durable and low friction hard coat anodizing in


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