Hi-MOD swageless compression fittings are exclusively designed and manufactured by Petersen Stainless in the UK and are at least as strong as the rated breaking load of the wire rope. The unique star shaped Crown Ring positions and holds the wires in place, eliminating the requirement for awkward wire end bending. The shallow-angled cone establishes direct mechanical grip on the core and all the outer strands. Stainless steel grade EN10088 1.4404 (316L) is used on all parts with the exception of the Crown Ring which is manufactured from Aluminium Bonze so no sealant required.

Fittings are available for 7 strand and Compacted-strand wire ropes as well as 1×7 and 1×19. Because of their design, Hi-MOD swageless compression fittings can be assembled on compacted-strand ropes as easily as any other construction of wire without the need for forming tools and long handled spanners.

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