The Rutgerson self-tacking jib system does all the work for you. It is built around our roll-link traveller system, which can be adjusted to fit all kinds of boats. The travellers can take oblique loads up to 45 degrees from vertical. Side friction is minimal due to the successful Roll-link concept. Our self-tacking jib system has been developed and tested to withstand the toughest conditions at sea.

The track can be bent horizontally, vertically or both in a compound bend. For tracks with a radius that is greater than 3700mm or smaller than 3400mm, a customised track can be ordered.
Like all our track systems, the self-tacking jib is completely maintenance free. Just rinse the track and traveller two or three times per season with fresh water.

In order to establish the correct bending radius for you boat, please do the following:

1. Measure the distance between the front of the mast and the headstay (“J” measurement).

2. The bending radius should be 95% of “J”.

3. The radius can be altered from 3400mm to 3700mm by gently applying the full body weight onto the track with the upper surface facing down.

Enjoy hassle-free sailing with the Rutgerson Self-tacking Jib System.

Should you require more information regarding this system please contact us.

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