Petersen Round Polyester Lifting Slings, sometimes called endless lifting slings, are manufactured in Europe. Lifting slings are chemically treated to protect them from oil and water damage.

All our Round Polyester Lifting Slings are proof tested and have a 7:1 factor of safety. All endless lifting slings have the date of manufacture, serial number, CE mark & Working Load Limit (WLL) on the attached label.

The label also includes safe usage instructions indicating the correct WLL in a variety of different lifting applications.

Each Round Polyester Sling is individually wrapped comes with a test certificate.

Our Endless Polyester Slings from Petersen have reinforced eyes and can be used for lifting and towing. They are colour coded according to European standards.

A round sling can be known by a variety of names – for example: soft sling, round strop, round lifting strap or endless lifting strop.

Our round soft slings are in stock for immediate despatch.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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