Special Star Shaped Crown Ring holds wire strands in place, preventing awkward “wire end bending”. Crown Ring prevents wire strands from being trapped in cone slots. Works equally well with Right or Left hand lay wire Shallow angle on cone establishes more direct mechanical contact over a greater area providing a tighter grip. Can be dismantled for maintenance and re-used without the need for new parts. All parts are re-usable providing that no overloading has occurred.

There are three main reasons why we recommend that you do not use sealant:

Regardless of how much sealant and pressure you apply to the terminal, we do not believe that you will completely fill the cavity, thus leaving a small air pocket which will get some water in it (usually somewhere near the centre of the cable where it is difficult to get at). Stainless Steel is protected by a very thin chrome-oxide layer. If the oxide layer becomes damaged it needs more oxygen to replenish that layer. Any water that makes its way in past the sealant will become stale (oxygen depleted) over time. It is safer to allow fresh water into the terminal on a regular basis which will not only clean and wash away any built up salt residues but will also maintain the oxide layer of the stainless steel.

The main mechanical components of the compression fittings are manufactured from stainless steel grade 316L. This material has high anti-corrosive properties and is ideal for use in a constant sea-water environment. The design of the terminal and its components has been developed in such a way that it is acceptable to use this material. Other designs of this type of terminal may not benefit from these design features.

The design of the Hi-MOD swageless compression terminal is such that you can dismantle the terminal at any time allowing you to inspect and clean the internal components. If you use a sealant, it would make this operation very difficult and you may not be able to see all of the inner components properly.

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