The Rutgerson block assortment is unique in its design and functionality. The key to its success is that both the sheave and cheeks are produced from a high-tech composite material of such great strength that no stainless steel reinforcement is needed. Consequently, the overall weight is dramatically reduced. The new material has a “smooth touch” properties and the work load is clearly marked in order to avoid uncertainty.

Spherical plain bearings are used for our assortment, which render the blocks very strong and completely maintenance free. Plain bearings will never deform under static high loads like ball bearings and our blocks do not require the initial excess of power for the sheave to start moving, which is common with ball bearing blocks.

The entire production chain takes place at the Rutgerson factory in Marstrand. In-house sailing experience together with advanced engineering ensures that you can rely on these blocks in all weather conditions! They are incredibly versatile as they are suited to both inshore and offshore sailing, ranging from dinghies to large sailing yachts. They can also easily be adapted to your needs and your boat due to a range of different fastening alternatives.

The standard Rutgerson blocks incorporate swiveling heads and are availabe for rope diameters from 3mm up to 16mm.

The Rutgerson wire block assortment has a vast range of application areas and can take loads up to six tons. They are made of Swedish high-grade stainless steel of the highest quality available. The blocks have been optimised for wires. The blocks have an elegant design and are completely maintenance free. The wire blocks are perfect for backstays.

Rutgerson demand total reliability from all their products.