316L stainless steel marine d-shackles from Petersen Hi-MOD are manufactured in the UK from European material.

There are three shackle-pin configurations available:

Screw-pin d-shackle
Countersunk Pin d-shackle
Shake-Proof Pin d-shackle

The Screw-pin shackle pins are machined with a collar for reassurance of fit and have a hole to allow mousing if desired.

The Countersunk shackle pins fit flush to the side of the shackle so as not to snag when running through an opening or if a line rubs against them. The head of the pin has a hexagonal Allen-key hole for tightening and releasing the pin.

The Shake-Proof shackles have a clever polyurethane locking ring which stops the shackle pin accidentally unscrewing where the line is buffeted by the wind. The pins have been extensively tested and they really don’t come out unless you want them to! Over time the polyurethane flows into the threads creating an even firmer lock. You may find you need a shackle key to release the pin. The pin is totally reusable, the polyurethane will not degrade as would happen with a Nylock.
The Petersen Hi-MOD shake-proof shackle is also a ‘retained pin’ shackle. To remove the pin fully you must unscrew it from the second head – no more watching dropped pins disappear into the blue! This makes them ideal for use on a main halyard.

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