The bigger rope clutches of the Viking Series, RC120X and RC2000, have been developed especially for modern types rope such as Spectra and Dyneema.

This rope clutch is based on the same technical concept as the smaller Viking RC75X but has been perfected. The handle has been equipped with a revolutionary needle-bearing, which gives the RC120X a performance that was unthinkable before. The new handle has a built-in friction function that ensures that the handle stays in one position, open or closed. Releasing the desired load requires little effort, even during very heavy loads. It is also possible to quickly and without effort close the rope clutch.

The housing is made of black, high-tech composite and the handle is polished aluminium for an elegant design. When installing the rope clutch it is either possible use the endless lines concept as the RC75X or installing the complete product at once. Lift the handle until you can grip the edge of the cam. Hold it up while bringing the handle backwards until the screw hole on the base plate is clearly visible from above. The RC120X has two hole configurations for installation for maximum flexibility, 70 and 85mm.

Warning: The bigger rope clutches are developed to release the load easily, so make sure when releasing high loads not
to keep your hands close to the rope entrance. Always put the line back on the winch before releasing the load for a safe
rope handling.

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